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Way, WAy, WAY to many ads

Nice star


Pretty good game.

I really think this game is super fun and really enjoyable! There are a few things I don’t love about it though, I think some of the challenges levels are not leveled well. I could pass level six for the challenges but with level five and four they were SO MUCH harder! I have tried so many times and I can’t pass them! But level six I got on my second try 😟😸. It’s kinda hard to control sometimes with all the glitches but over all I recommend this game

To many ads

Ok I’m good at the game and I enjoy it but it says a lot when the amount of ads that are in this game just ruins it almost every sight I use besides this games has les adds in them now I see we’re they went

Too many ads

Just as the title says, countless ads




This is a awesome game


This is great to move your fingers.

I love this game



It’s really fun but the thing move fast and sometimes you don’t have control over the ball.but it’s great and I’m addicted


If you have more than 1000 Jamsthen when you spin the wheel do you usually get 10 unless your school of 100 and thatRound and still you get 75

Get Now

Great game would recommend getting it







Free One Has Too Many Ads

This is a pretty cool game however the free one has ENDLESS ads, the most I’ve EVER seen on an app and after about every fourth game it just freezes. Not worth purchasing “ad free” version and free one is just OK due to excessive ads

I love this game!!

I love Rolly vortex and I have no feedback


it’s abit laggy idont if it’s my phone i have an iphone6

Great game, but...

I would like to be able to see my Highscore on the main screen. The only way that I have found to see my highscore is to die. The whole point of the game is to get a highscore so it should be displayed at the main screen.

Good game


Rolly vortex fun

Rolly. vortex is a fun game because you can get more than enough diamonds and coins to buy new balls and race with them.


I love this game!!! Keep it coming

Super addicting

I literally can’t stop playing it so addictive


I get you wanna make some money, but geez. Super excessive and takes away from the experience.


All of the levels are impossible all they want it money with the amount of ads they put

World record

I believe I hold the world record for this game but there is no way to check it and prove it. My score is 1042. If anyone has info let me know

Good game

This game is so fun

Bought app, but still seeing ads

I bought the ad, why am I still being shown ads? Isn’t the point of buying a premium app to skip all adds? The game is fine, but I dong appreciate the ads one bit.


I love this game it is so much fun better then any other ball game I know and it is awesome everybody should get this game 😊

Is this a glitch?

Sometimes I ask myself is this a glitch I’m just like what is going on with this game this game is annoying so that why I deleted it I don’t know some of my friends think I’m judgmental that’s probably why I rated a 1 but like it freezes and when it does that it catches me off guard I hate this game!

Too many ads

I know it’s supported by adds but after every time you die an ad pops up. Really stopped me from getting into the groove of the game and enjoying it.


Once you finish game and get all the levels gets sort of boring😴😴😖☹️

The Skylar world

The skylar world



Have to pay each time to remove ads if you load on multiple devices

I had to pay $2.99 to remove the irritating ads from my iPad then ANOTHER $2.99 to remove the irritating ads from my iPhone. Most other apps are considered “owned” once you pay at initial purchase and I can load on any iDevice that I own without having to pay again. Seems like a overt attempt to make money.


It is so horrible (“sarcasm”)

Great game but...

The ads are constant..

Great app

This is soooooooooooooooo freaking addicting it’s a great game me and my boyfriend love to play this game



Good game

This a 5 star game I love it so much.😍😍The game is very challenging but I love challenges.Cool game thank you for making this game.Thank you very much.❤️❤️I love it very much.😍


It a nice game

How much I love it

It’s so fun I beat level 19 in arcade and I did level 8 and 7. It was so much fun thanks for making it 😋😋

Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex is a really cool game, it makes your phone buzz when you get past an opsticle and when you get a jem.


It’s so fun to play and can fill time when I’m bored

Saleh alhumaid

Not a nice game!

Bowles N Brews

To many adds half the game is adds


After about level 40 it gets glitchy and freezes and messes you up... not happy with that!!!! The freeze up gets worse as you level up.

Beware 99% ads

Cool game but so many ads it’s not worth it


It always do you get free Wheel spin wheel spins and there’s different kinds of balls. This is my favorite game because it has everything I want in it and it makes so your hand can move your screen!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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