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too glitchy

Good game but

I really like this game, it’s fun and provides a challenge, the ads are annoying yess but in my opinion they are not unbearable. The biggest problem I have with the game is the broken hit box for the ball, often I will hit a gem dead on or go clearly go past an obstacle and it not count or it will say I got hit, the hit box becomes even more annoying when you start to do the challenges wher you need to collect all of the gems. I hope the developers fix this


It is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome 👋✅💕👍🏻 only one problem

The app is great in all but it takes a while to get to the next level so definitely check that out but other than that the game is awesome 👋🙂😉👍🏻✅👌

Fire bug

App ok add stink would pay to remove them.

It’s Okay.

It’s Okay, but in the story missions the Big Brother level has a glitch in it where I can’t go through one of the obstacles. Also, every time there is a ad it slows down my phone. I don’t like it.

I think somethings wrong

I love this game even though I have been playing for only two days but I think somethings wrong when I started playing I kept on forgetting even though my mom kept telling me certain times I feel tired I don’t know what has gotten in to me I would recommend playing this game 3 times every week From-E.J P.S Please respond

4 star rating

I think you need more skins in both the vortex and balls. Also, I noticed that on the arcade level 32 had like walls that had a cut in them but they were turned all the way up and the ball can’t go that high. Please fix, Thank you.


I love this game it’s so addicting AND FUN💖💖

Too many adds

Your game is fun to play but please fix the adds there’s way too many. Otherwise I think your is pretty good 👍


Really cool game

Like everyone says: great but the ads...

I have to agree with a lot of the reviews I’ve seen and read. There are a lot of positive reviews saying that the game is great and it is really fun. I agree. But, the ads are a lot. They pop up after 2 tries. I’m not very good at this and I just got it (I’m working on it) so my tries are pretty short. I wish it was longer between the times of the ads. I also usually don’t have a problem with some of the games that people say have a lot of ads. Some don’t, but this one does.

It’s ok

I mean the ads are annoying. It’s not a bad game it’s just that it’s not my thing. Dune was a good game you made

Fun game

I love it


Way too many ads. Want to level up? Have to watch an ad. End the game? Ad. Try again? Ad.

Good ol’ times...

I was just minding my own business until I scrolled across this specific game...those good times. I used to have this game and it was super fun! But I few things would always bother me and that’s what led me to deleting it! The ads, of course, are out of control. They pop up whenever and it annoys me so bad! They should shorten the amount of ads that pop up. Also...the lag. Now...this could just be my phone acting up while I play the game OR he game itself. It would always lag and I would end up dying. more thing is how my phone buzzes every time I make it through one of the obstacles! I think this happens to everyone bc I played it on my sister’s iPad and it buzzed every time too! I think they should make it to where it doesn’t buzz anymore. But still I good job...<3 keep up the good work!

Awesome Rolly vortex

I like the game a lot it should become very popular I am proud of how far it has came


I like this game because I know you make it hard and I can get passed a lot of the levels I have a iPad mini. I really like this game so much! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁


This game is amazing 😉 and I literally love it!! I would definitely play this every day any time anywhere!lol..(I would play this at school 😂!!!!!


This game is a great game, but I get headaches really easily. This game starts to give me one. I love this game anyways! It gives me headaches because the tube is always white and I don’t know what’s happening. If you add a little black this game would be a lot better

Too many ADS

This game is amazing! There’s just one problem... ADS!!!! There are so many!!!!! I can’t focus of the game because so many ads start popping up. This game is overall great but the ads are driving me nuts!!


Rolly vortex itself is an amazing app. However there are ads on ads and you have to watch them constantly, maybe even more than you actually play the game

What y’all need

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Game lags and glitches at the most inconvenient moments like it’s doing it on purpose. The sensitivity is set to like 50. And it’s a okay game but it’s pretty annoying. Would not recommend. Also it’s made by voodoo who tried to scam me in the past.


There are too many adds but it is so fun. You can collect a lot of adds

Pretty good

Honestly I love it it’s really cool and I love voodoo to its nice for when your board I love it

The best review

So I started playing and as soon as I started the game I knew I was going to let love it I’m pretty good at the game and I will increase my skills the is a solid 100/100 it’s the best don’t you think thank you for taking your time and reading this review. Also can you ad portals to the game it will make it much better thank you and again thank you for your time


I love the game

Raleigh Vortex

This game is awesome

😮 😮😮😮😮😮

OMG 😮 is what I have been saying these past few days because I cannot stop playing this game!

Best game ever

I love this app because it is so fun and it is amazing


Your mom is an awesome game!!


This is is fun!! Not going to lie but I feel like the part that makes it hard for some people is the fact that it vibrates every time you go through a vortex, this makes my hand shake causing me to die😤. I feel like they did this on purpose so you watch more adds (which is how they get their money). So, it’s really hard to go through small openings especially with the constant buzzing breaking your concentration. So, I would give this 5 stars, but the buzzing just ruins it. GREAT JOB VOODOO (I’m being sarcastic if you can’t tell). All I’m asking us for them to take the buzzing out so you can easily play the game. PLEASE!!!!!!! For the sake of people being able to keep their hand(s) steady while playing this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t ignore my review Voodoo, I’m doing this so you can improve your game and make it more playable 😛😛😛. However, I do like the different balls and vortex’s they have, it makes the game more interesting!!! 🤗 So, if you were thinking of getting this game, I wouldn’t tell you not too! It’s fun and amusing, just be aware it’s hard to keep your hand steady and could give you a headache (remember, it’s make your phone buzz). I hope that Voodoo fixes the buzzing issue and maybe I’ll consider playing this game more 😝😋🙂👍🏼

Who like it

I like it because it shows you so many different things that you went through and it is really difficult to tell others to me it helps a lot and I am proud of the company who made it.Thanks for every single game that talks made.

Good game but too many ADS

this game is addicting and it's super fun to collect gems and unlock new balls and vortex's BUT every like 2 times i die there's an ad. the ads are short and after like 5 seconds you can skip them so that's the good part but they're still annoying

Good game!!

Good game, just one problem though, the sensitivity is so high, You move a little bit, And it goes bonkers! Other than that its a good game.


I love it it's super challenging and fun can't stop playing it if YOU are reading the rating you should definitely get it🙂


I think the game is grate 🤩 it just it needs to have easy levels for biginors and not mission just in genarl and have finished at the end of everything by that I mean at the end of the last level where you level up that way they actually go to the next level


When you start to play the game it starts to buzz and you and your friends and family hate it too

The game

The game is hard but fun thats what’s fun about the game.I love the detail in the game because all games have a unique detail.When I play the game I can play it for hours👍🏻

AMAZING but a lot of adds

THIS GAME IS AMAZING but it has A LOT of ads


This game is awesome😎

to much ads

i really love this app in my opinion i think its better than rolling sky but it has more ads than rolling sky but other than that i love new favorite game!!💕😍

I can't stop playing!

Im addicted to this app honestly😁!

Battery drainer

Great game and all but it drains the battery a lot.

It’s ok

I’m not satisfied with this game because anytime I play it lags other than that it’s an amazing game

Really really b......blawesome!!!!!

I love gale hunsnsldkjds

Love this game

I love this game

Danielle Everett

I love this game

No more add’s

Please make it to where there are not so many add’s

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