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More ads than gameplay - major issue

I’m done with this developer. The number of ads is so lame. Leave it to Voodoo to create a super fun game and ruin the user experience so they can drop an ad every 6 seconds. ——VOODOO GAMES—— If you take your users’ opinions even remotely seriously, get a grip on these ads. It’s disruptive. The first time I downloaded a Voodoo game was last December. I got an ad every 2 minutes or so. I get it, you need to make some money, but now it’s ridiculous. Every 30 seconds? Pathetic. Deleted this game along with the rest of my Voodoo games 👎


I hate this NOW!!!



Mixed feelings

This is a fun game and addictive it just glitches and messes you up every time you’re about to go through a block if that was to be fixed this game would be 5 stars.


I Love this game

Great game

Rolly vortex is highly addicting and fun! I defiantly recommend getting this app. There are quite a few ads on this game, but if you are disconnected from WiFi you won’t receive them.


This game but a fun and all but there are so many commercials it makes it not fun😡😡😡💩💩💩😢😢😢

Let me guess, you only want money...

So I kinda know that you LOVE ads. You put WAY to much ads in the games and the ads make you get another one of your games, getting you more money. And also all of your games have way to much lag. I will be deleting all of your games that i have. Screw you voodoo.




This game is creative,challenging,entertaining,and extremely addictive. But there is one thing that ruins it all. I mean it ALL! The ADDS,ADDS,x100. Its sooo veryyy annoying and I mean it. Please please! I beg you to remove lots of the adds. And no. I’m not saying all of them. But MODT of them. But, like I said in the beginning overall this game is a GREAT game! Thank you for your time.


This app is really good but sometimes it freezes and it messes up it might just be me but still overall it is a good game you should get it Thank You

Make it more!

I’m a kid I have this game but somehow it disappeared because someone said that it was bad but I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it’s a fun game but to many adds will make me go crazier!! LOL 😋but to be honest I like it just to many adds will make ur rate from me to zero and make I some kids can play because now I’m bored 😔😔😔and the game is fun!+can someone be my friend? 💝 trixy tricks #notmyrealname! Lol 😝


Well this is a very good app my cousin had it I’d say the only problem is that it lags

Thak you

Thank you this is a really entertamient


I love this app I love you thanks

Great game

This game is not that hard at all but the problem is when ever I pass obstacle it vibrates but it is a great game and I love it and it's so addictive and I'm playing it all the time but please fix the vibrating.

Ads ads ads ads ads

Penny smart, dollar foolish. Having that many ads. Makes it not even fun. Don’t waste your time unless they chill on the ads.


It’s not as slow as the ad is when you try it.

Rolly vortex

This game is very fun! Whoever created this game is awesome😊




Dude this game is super rad. You have to try it. It's life changing bro. I would say it's a little difficult but I love it. My high score is 1,693

5 star

It is very entertaining the ball choices are cool and so are the vortexes the Challenges are fun yet challenging it’s definitely worth it if your not sure. Have fun playing!


The new update causes the game to lag alot! And after you have all the vortex skins the diamonds are use less.


I would like to play without my phone being taken over by an ad every 5 seconds

Rolly vortex

Very addicting definitely great fir road trips or just long drives.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


So far I am enjoying this game, it is super entertaining, now my idea for the game is to add Trails, So basically you will be able to unlock trails for your Balls, you know how there is Balls, then Mission Balls, Vortex, lastly you should put Trails, just so that it could look cool, like a trail behind the ball, thanks.


When you die and try a video to start where you where it doesn’t work

Love it but HATE IT

This game has LOTS of problems that the company needs to fix for example when I get to a certain level I can’t pass a block that i clearly got through and when I watch an add to do something it doesn’t go it doesn’t give me the thing I watched the add for and I’m not closing out to early so when you fix everything this game is a four or five star but until you fix this one two and I wouldn’t waste your time on this stupid app because it barely works and until these problems are fixed I will not be using this app and nor will my 800,578 followers so please fix


The game seizes up a lot, which means there are accidental encounters with the blocks when the game hasn't fully loaded. Junk.

I love it so much

I really do

Love the game but it is kind of annoying 😊

The best game I've ever played in my life ❤️


If you get to 100 tell me

Rolly Vortex

This game is fun but extremely frustrating. When trying to complete a mission they get progressively harder and almost impossible to beat. What is even more frustrating is the ads. I get an ad almost every three times I play. This game is fun and I do recommend it. However, it does have it’s flaws.

I like it

Omg it so cool 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

It’s Amazing

It’s good, because first of all I made it on Level 2 got a free spin and the first try I won 500 diamonds!!! 😯 (NO ADS!) plus, this game is very fun so I recommend this game when your bored/you have nothing to do. This is my opinion so hate me all you want. Dab on those haters! 🤣

How awesome it is

This game is so cool and challenging but that what I like .


This game is fun. I like it

Too many ads

This app is soo great, and I never get bored of it. It’s well programmed and addictive, but my biggest problem is that there are so many ads. After you die, or complete a mission there is always an ad popping up. It gets very annoying. Every minute or so, there is always an ad. I love this game, but the ads are very annoying.

Rolly Vortex

Great game this world is a vortex

I get the game

This game is challenging and fun I like it


Well there is so many adds I would of gave it one star but my mom likes it do there’s three

Omg it sucks😤

U was playing and it was slow and making me die all the time and won’t get me my 500 coins for the game


Too many adds!!!!!!!!

Best game ever

I love this game so so so much I play everyday that's how fun it is 😁😘💘😁😁😘😘😘😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

It’s great but....

It’s great it’s just a little laggy

Not getting reward

Why am I watching an ad to get another chance or to get a reward and the ad ends and I don’t get another chance or the reward


This game is so addicting yet makes me really angry and frustrated all the time because I just can not pass certain levels. Also, I noticed that now whenever I press the continue button so I can continue a game, I press it, an add appears, and then it goes from the beginning again so it wastes my time on watching stupid ads when it won’t even lemme continue the freakin game... I just hate this game now

Stupid game

This game is the worst never ever download it IT’S THE WORST GAME EVER


This game is a pain in the butt , just like helix jump 🤦🏽‍♀️


This game has a good potential but lags lags lags. Stupid voodoo has set me over the edge with the laggy gamed it makes it is just a waste of time it is impossible to win. What I’m trying to say is DONT GET THIS STUPID WASTE OF TIME

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