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I paid 3$ to remove ADs but they still show

I paid the 2.99$ to remove Ads from the game but they still showed their own VooDoo games with a quick screenplay after losing a game to “influence” us into buying more games. Such greedy losers.

Rolly Vortex

It is a very fun and challenging game. I have to play this game more than once a day or I am going to be mad. Personally I really like this game

Rate a ten

The game is very fun i would give it a ten but there is none.🤗🤗🤗


After I pass a level and I spin the wheel it frezzes and I have to exit out and restart it over. It’s annoying but other than that the game is really addictive


It’s a little too easy to beat...please add more levels.

Why I love you

I love you because you are really fun and you are really cool

This game is okay.

I give this game a 4 star rating because the ads are sometimes inappropriate. Other than that I think this game is great!


I don’t understand it


This app glitches too much when I’m playing it which causes me to mess up.


I like all the levels and the different ball options


It’s so annoying with the dumb sound ugh! My gosh! 😠


Good game keep it up

The Ads Though!

Ok, let’s start by saying that the app is amazing, and a super fun time killer. Adding new balls and missions in the update was a great choice. But, like every story, there’s a problem. There are WAY to many ads. I kept failing a mission, and every time I clicked the redo button, an ad came up. And the thing is, I’ve most likely seen that as EVERYWHERE. I get that you need the money because the game is free, but why ads? You could easily just make a few balls or vortex’s cost money, or make them premium or something. The app itself is great, but the ads are SO bad.

Too many ads

Too many ads

I love this game

This game is so much fun and can get very addictive

Makes you lose



Es un juego muy divertido jueguen esté juego


Great game but the little problem is a little much on the adds but great game overall.


I enjoyed the game enough to pay for no ads, but then I still got ads.


I love this game! It’s so fun to play at home with WiFi or in the car when their is no WiFi! and you get so much gems every day with you can buy new balls and other stuff! And the wheel thing is awesome because u can get up to more then 900 gems! Over all I really like this game!

My phone keeps buzzing

My phone keeps buzzing every time i start to play the game and i don’t know why

Rolly vortex

Too many ads


I give it two star rating because the vibration really gets on me nerves.

Best game ever

It is the best game ever.

Great game but needs some fixing up

This app is great! I love how you have to avoid obstacles and get to the end of levels! I love his so does all my friends! There is this one bug that’s a bit annoying, when you click watch a video for an extra try at a level when you fail it’s fine, but whenever I get a fishdome add my game freezes up and I can’t get another try! So overall the app is great. Just that one bug!


It’s an amazing game and it’s so fun just spin roll the ball where you want to roll it and you win so much and it’s an amazing game you should try it

This game is great!!!!

I love hove you can get to different levels and get different items for your self.

Vibrating when I tell it not to

So this game is fun but I hate the vibrating. I turned it off in the game settings but it still vibrates web I get a gem or crash.


I am so addicted this game, but I hate all the adds every minute or so😡 if they were to remove 90% of the adds, then I would give this game a 5 star rating!

I love this game

Hey! Hope you see this Review, and I love this game because I’m sooo good at it! And I also love that there’s a spinner thingy and you get a lot of cool stuff, cause I just spun it and I got 300 gems!! Anyway, thanks for making this game, it’s really fun. Love, Joile

No WiFi

Good game



Addictive! 😋

I love this game and it’s sooooo addictive but one thing that I don’t like is when I watch an ad to continue it never lets me resume and I don’t like that feature. It’s also glitching a lot and the pop up ads are annoying. Other than that, I really enjoy it and I will continue reaching new goals for it and playing 😘 thx! (And I hope this review helped!)

Love it

I love this game so so much it’s really fun thank you for creating this


I like it but there's way to many adds! If they take adds off I would give them 5 stars, but I guess I'll just have to go with 4 stars instead.💩

Dubai benz

This is addictive game But too many ads and game freezes sometimes and you loose

Love his game

Omg I love this game this game so much and I will die for another one so please make another one cause this game is lit

Rolly Vortex

Super fun game! It’s really glitchy though and makes me die☹️

Too many ads

I get why there are ads. I just can’t play this game long enough without an ad to decide if I like it enough to buy it.

Change it !!

I don’t like the word “voodoo” change it!! I also don’t like that triangle

Too many ads

Great game but ads pop up often


This game is so good


It’s a great game but the gameplay would be very interesting if the ads were removed or limited.

Good not great

Hey how are you

Music 🤦🏻‍♀️

There is no music & I don’t play for long without it. I would play all the time if I had something to listen to! Thanks! ❤️

What I think about the game

This game is really fun and cool but kinda glitchy so I think you need to work but other then that it’s really good

Dear Voodoo

Now, I’m easy to please and this game is fun I won’t lie. But with all of their games... ADS. TOO MANY ADS. I understand you need more money but you need to calm down with the ads. I’m begging you. Please stop the ads. Thank you


I love the games you all make, but the ads? Come on guys, you die and there’s an ad! It’s unreal! I deleted all of my games made by this company because of the ads! You can’t play without being annoyed by them. Please fix em!

Stopped working

Way too many ads and now all of a sudden it freezes. Would be better with less ads but these are obnoxious.


Very enjoyable. I find this app very addicting and a fun way to pass the time. In the game there are little challenges to earn a new ball. The challenges are very fun and easy to accomplish!❤️

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